Икра в железных банках

Tinned Caviar

Salmon caviar: pink salmon, keta salmon, pike caviar

Use of modern equipment and high-quality caviar allows our products to save their heath properties during the labelled expiry date.

Икра весовая

Weight caviar

Pink salmon caviar, keta salmon caviar, blueback salmon caviar, trout caviar

Traditionally, the most high-quality caviar is sold for a weight. The red caviar is packed into plastic cube containers in 11 kg or 25 kg. where the needed storage temperature is supported.

Черная икра

Black caviar

Osetra caviar in a plastic packing, a jar or a tin.

The unique technology of freezing allows keeping the tastiness without adding food additives.



Deep-water prawn, royal shrimp, langoustines and other different types of shrimps.

Fresh-frozen shrimps from Russia, Greenland, India and Argentina packed in packages started from 1 kg. Blast freezing at the place of catching without any ice.

Краб Камчатский

Red king crab

Red king crab of high-quality, queen crab pincers.

We ensure the filling of 98%. It is packed at the place of catching so all the useful substances are saved.

Другие морепродукты

Other sea products

Mussel meat, seafood cocktail, octopus, sea scallop.

Wide range of shellfish with favourable price, fast and convenient delivery.

Импортная рыба

Imported fish

Salmon, silver salmon, trout.

Wide range of fresh frozen premium red fish which is measured up the regulatory certification and high standards of the company.

Российская рыба

Russian fish

Halibut, keta salmon, pink salmon, herring, wall-eyed pollack.

Fresh frozen fish packed in 2 kg packages. The ice is not more than 7%.


Commercial operations and the product range are certified. The clients get the full set of documents.

The company has registered in the Customs Union and the information system "Cerberus". All the production and storehouse rooms have been checked by the commission agency in order to the observation of more than 40 rules and requirements of warehousing and transformation.

Registration gives us the right to load the production within the frame of the Customs Union and to draw up the documents with 0% VAT.

Check on the “Cerberus” website.

Geographical spread

География выгрузки ПК Айсберг8
  • Актау
  • Алматы
  • Астана
  • Бишкек
  • Грозный
  • Екатеринбург
  • Иркутск
  • Калининград
  • Караганда
  • Кемерово
  • Краснодар
  • Красноярск
  • Минск
  • Москва
  • Мурманск
  • Новосибирск
  • Новый Уренгой
  • Омск
  • Оренбург
  • Павлодар
  • Ростов-на-Дону
  • Салехард
  • Санкт-Петербург
  • Симферополь
  • Сургут
  • Томск
  • Тюмень
  • Улан-Удэ
  • Уфа
  • Челябинск
  • и др.
Catching place

How to work with us

You order1

You can do it in the following way: online order on our website, call us or order the dial-back.

We contact with you2

We work almost 24 hours and without delay. Our manager will be contacted within 3 minutes on the phone or by email.

Схема работы с ПК Айсберг8

You pay the invoice3

After the order confirmation and clarifications you receive the invoice. You can pay it in any way convenient for you. Ask our manager for more details.

We deliver the order4

As soon as you pay the invoice, we check the quality of the caviar again, pack and load in the fastest and most convenient way.

Our manager will be contacted within 3 minutes.

Our advantages


We are a production company. You get the products at better prices.


Iceberg 8 Ltd. has over 10 years of experience in seafood industry and we have gained the reputation of a reliable supplier.

0 % VAT

Our clients from the Customs Union get the documents with 0% VAT. They have the right to compensate a VAT.


Our experts are always in the Russia’s Far East with the aim of quality control inspection. It allows us to guarantee a high quality of our products.


We have an experienced manager who has been working in logistics over 20 years. We deliver products to the most remote places. You get it in time and you will always have a stock.


You can be sure of our stuff. Our managers will close the deal attentively and competently, share their expert opinion to make an order in the needed quantity and range.


The company gives the full set of documents and also support documentation on our products.

We work with

Производственные компании

Production companies

Companies, which buy the raw materials for the further processing.

Федеральные торговые сети

Federal chains

Retail chains in food products trading in Russia and the CIS region.

Дистрибьюторские компании

Distribution companies

Companies with organised sales patterns which own exclusive distribution rights to present the products on the designated territory.

Оптовые компании

Wholesale companies

Companies which sell the products in a special trading deports of wholesale.

Локальные торговые сети

Local chains, supermarkets

Retail chains in food products trading.



Tasty seafood are in great favour.

Our permanent clients

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